Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing

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In advertising, it is essential to stay on your toes and be innovative. In recent years traditional advertising has taken a drastic shift. Today, with a diverse media landscape at our fingertips, we live in a world of the ultimate product placement.

Influencer marketing has become the best platform to reach media-savvy generations.

Staying Ahead in Marketing

Influencer marketing is currently the most successful medium for advertising. If your brand is not embracing this platform, then your marketing strategy is falling behind.

Marketers need to keep up with what’s trending, but more importantly who’s trending. Be clear and specific on your target market and find out who they idolize on social media.

Influencers have a unique relationship with their followers. They build communities that set trends. By employing strategic influencer marketing, your brand can be the source of the next movement.

Establish Credibility

Show your target audience how your brand will elevate their life through someone they aspire to be.

An influencer who’s an expert in a particular area is an asset to your company. Their followers are willing to take their advice because they will associate your brand with their values and lifestyle.

Get Trending

With over a billion users on platforms such as Instagram, the potential for influencer reach is limitless. People are always going viral on social media, let your company take off with them.

Choose wisely, as an influencer’s online presence grows, they will attract more attention to sponsored posts, creating infinite opportunities for sharing and reposts.

Better yet, let the influencer marketing team at Blitz select the perfect influencer to collaborate with your brand!

High ROI

Devoting your company’s marketing funds to influencer marketing has an extremely high return on investment.

Statistics have shown that 89% of marketers find influencer marketing more profitable than other marketing channels.

More specifically, Instagram has become the most impactful social platform. With incredibly high interaction rates, content is more clickable seamlessly, drawing people to your company’s website.

Investing in even one influencer to post about your product could generate more brand awareness and increase purchases.

Unlock Unlimited Potential

Partnering with influencers is successful because you are not limited to paying for your ad to be in one place. Social media allows users to share the post. Influencers’ loyal followers will not only see the one post but also share the post with their peers with the click of a button.

Launching a strategic campaign led by influencers drives the core values of the company. Audiences will be sold a lifestyle through social media influencers they identify with and aspire to be. The authenticity of this style of marketing inspires customer loyalty.

Through engagement with the sponsored posts, potential customers can show their interest in your product. Even more invaluably, elicit unsponsored content of customers organically showing off your product.

The possibilities of brand-influencer partnerships are endless!

Are you ready to unlock the perks of Influencer Marketing?