Business Branding Packages

Designed with purpose

Graphic design is about solving challenges through visual communication. This process transforms a concept into a brand through illustration, design and photography which plays across many platforms


For us, design is a way of finding what speaks to the brand’s mission statement. The way we explore the realms of the business is what makes these designs meaningful. Like McLuhan said, it’s not dressing the message, it is the message. Like Twix, it’s not the chocolate or the wafer, it’s the wafer in the chocolate

Design your empire right

This isn’t a small task when you’ve got to focus on your business – and that’s why coming to design experts is a smart move. At Blitz, our branding management plans are lead by specialists who understands your brand and objective – both short and long term. We stay on top of innovative design changes to help our clients with their branding and build to create meaningful connections. You’ll grow your audiences, and overall create a brand driven with purpose.


Brochures & Print Designs



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What's Included?

We create custom logos from scratch, or re-design your current logo with a new modern look. We then incorporate the logo we’ve designed for you into your stationery and business cards, helping to brand your business by showing consistency across platforms. Your company wins when you think about your branding decisions across all of your business’ marketing materials.


Blitz Marketing offers this Business Branding design package to fit your needs.


This package includes:

  • A custom, unique logo design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead and envelope design

Some Examples of Our Work

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