How Customer Experience Can Save You $1000 a Year

Today the price of a commodity and service is not only a major purchase decision but is also based on customer experience – the feeling you also sell to your customer.

If we were to ask when’s the last time you had a great experience as a customer, it probably wouldn’t take too long to think of. This goes the same for poor customer experience too – you probably faced many negative emotions all at once which is never great.


More than ever, consumers are focusing on the experience they get from business services which puts pressure on CX professionals to deliver amazing services. The bar is also set higher for more user friendly interactions due to the advancement in technology. With these developments, it becomes challenging to surpass customers’ expectations with all the competitive advantages companies are offering.

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is the overall product interaction a customer has with your brand. It analyzes the personal development of the customer, finding every posing the customer experiences with your band. This is where you find your own strength and weaknesses – whether you are delivering outstanding or terrible experience. With this analysis, you can find if you’re building that long term relationship with your customers or if you are driving them away.

You can see through the eyes of your customer with this analysis.

The difference between customer service and customer experience is that customer service is focused on individual moments. This happens when employees provide direct services to keep a customer satisfied to solve a specific problem.

Customer experience on the other hand, is about creating a meaningful relationship between the company and the customers. This comes with quality and consistency on the behalf of the company.

Why is Customer Experience Important?

There has always been an emphasis on customer service, but why customer experience now? Will this actually make a difference?


Every day, your industry is constantly finding ways to create quality relationship with your customers. Your competition is always learning your watering holes and turning that pain point into their competitive advantage. But now companies are providing extra care before and after providing the service. Marketers now aim to individualize every moment of engagement with their brand. In order to fulfill consumers’ needs, the gap between what the customer wants versus what the brand is providing must be closed – in other words, the brand must be transparent.

Here’s the tips that will help you:

1. Establish a user-centered design

Building a user-centred design is fundamental as you can learn your customer’s needs and wants. This information given can help you provide the service your consumers appreciate. You can do this with a marketing plan and amazing customer experience.

2. Offer personalized engagements

It’s true that sometimes personalization is overstated in the marketing realm. But, when you personalize the experiences for your consumer, you create a meaningful bond with them. This changes the way they view your brand – it becomes a relationship rather than a transaction.

If your top of funnel audience is digging to find information on your site, this becomes problematic as it requires more effort on their end. This stretches the gap between the consumer and your brand because this does not personalize their experiences with you. The likelihood of them going back to your site lessens.

3. Show them a solution

Sometimes technology won’t be able to compete with a human interaction- especially in needed situations. When the path to a quick fix is blurred, it hinders the customer experience.

It’s important to understand your customers’ needs and wants. Even though your business will eventually grow, it’s important to establish a good relationship with your audience now as this bond will affect your stakeholders positively in the long run. It’s a smart move to develop the design and customer experience on how your company is moving presently.

4. Remember your customers

If you want to blow your customers’ mind, then you must create an effective and positive customer service experience. But this is only achieved when there’s a strategy behind this.

Set time to write out what you visualize your customer experience to be like, then create teams around this aspect and later touch base on how this is going. The more intention you put into this, clients will definitely start noticing the changes.

Remember the impact, you have with your customers. This is a journey that repetitively cycle that constantly needs to gather information and analyze the results of your research. Not only is it important to understand your business’ weakness but to see your competitor’s shortcomings to hone your strengths even further.

Once you start showing up for your customers and valuing them as a genuine friend will create confidence in your brand as this shows care and confidence in your service.

Start Improving Your Customer Experience Strategy Today

In business, communicating with your customer means get ready for their needs and wants before it pops up. Due to the advancement in technology, the whole experience customers goes through highlights how proficient your business is.

Ready to start improving your customer experience strategy? Find what areas that makes your business stand out to others and to also make a positive impact to your stakeholders.

And we can help you do exactly that. We work with brands to determine what your customers really desire, where you’re surpassing those expectations and where you run short. We do this by evaluating your customer experience versus your competitors and determine where you can find that midpoint that will establish long term relationships between one another. As we can investigate reputation online, we can plan how you can improve where, when and how fast.

Ready to create the customer experience plan you’ve dreamt of?