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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that organic search traffic drives for 73% of all the traffic to a website?

Understanding the basic SEO principle is pretty simple. But having a basic understanding won’t bring you visibility right?


Most people who run sites already have a limited understanding of how SEO works. So only you need the basic foundations to succeed. But that’s the catch! As SEO most effective practices are always changing, learning how search engines operate takes time to understand But it’s worth it at the end.

And by changing, we’re saying approximately 600 times a year. Once you get the basic understanding, you’ll be (built on a better foundation).

In this post, you’ll learn the 5 essential steps for your SEO success:

1. What is SEO?

2. Why should you care about SEO

3. What actually works for directing traffic from engines?​

1. What Is SEO?

You’ve probably heard the term SEO flying around through social media, marketing and even online businesses. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” This is the way to drive business into your site from various search engines.

Now knowing ‘what SEO is’ won’t do much for your business, and instead let’s focus on the ‘how’. By knowing the ‘how’, you’ll actually be able to maximize your practice and time in SEO. This will bring quality traffic, sales, and revenue you’ve been looking for - for your business.

2. Why Should You Care About SEO?

Today, almost everything is searched on the internet. But to get the quality results you want as an avid search engine user, search engines like google uses up to 200+ ranking factors.

Now why care about ranking factors?

Well positioning your page effectively can promise the benefit of your business journey. And remember, because of ranking - this traffic becomes powerful for your venture due to the clear-cut nature of search engines.

Let’s bring an analogy in.

If you own an online store and you sell vegan leather wallets, would you prefer to buy a billboard so anyone with a car around your area sees your ad – even though they may not care about vegan leather wallets? Or pop up on various search engine every time someone from anywhere enters “vegan leather wallets”?

Most likely the second option. Because those people searching for these specific wallets have high commercial intent – they act as invitation for their money.

People are looking for anything that relates directly or indirectly to your business. This tells us that SEO has become more important than ever. Not only does SEO bring a significant amount of visibility but it forms trust between the customer and the business.

Now, would you prefer to get vegan leather wallets from a trusted source who popped up with information from the last 6 times you went to Google for assistance or someone you’ve never heard of?

3. What Actually Works for Directing Traffic from Engines?

Google is the dominant player in the search result that your business would benefit from showing up in.

No matter what search engine is used, these search results are always changing – every year. That’s why the most effortless and inexpensive ways to get your page to rank itself has become risky.

So what now? How does Google determine where things go? How do you get quality traffic to your site?

In summary:

- Google makes sure only quality information gets through.

- Google sees your relevance by reading your site’s content. Based on the keywords your content has, it will algorithmically determine if your content is true to what the user is searching for.

- Google determines the quality of your site by the traffic it gets.

Now, Google added more elements that can influence where your site will rank

- The ways people engage with your site

- Is your site mobile friendly? What are the watering-holes?

- Does it get updated frequently?

- Your competitive advantage

There will always be hundreds of ranking factors that Google uses as they are always updating.

But that’s the good news, you don’t have to be a scholar to rank quality terms in search results. We’ll guide you through confirmed best practices that will enhance websites for search. This way we can help you reach that target goal.

If you’re interested about learning more, keep checking regularly or send us a message! We can guide you towards your envisioned goals today.

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